Summer Reading: Enough is Enough

In the article “Enough is Enough” Bates describes her struggles with women’s rights. Throughout reading the article, I related to the issues and pressures that the women had to face. An issue that resonates with me is the lack of sexual education. I believe that if the schools take more accountability surrounding that topic, it can create change for the multiple other issues. Going to an IB school, I expected that we would have received sexual education the same as public school or even better. But to my surprise, I didn’t get an education on that topic. The closest thing I could call “sexual education” would be biology class learning about the reproductive system. It’s just disappointing that there wasn’t more effort to educate the students about these important issues, especially because of the school’s participation in Model United Nations, where we frequently cover women’s rights around the world. We even had one debate where Iceland (me) and Canada created a list of topics that should be included in sexual education. The list had a large range, from child marriage to workplace harassment. It’s just funny to think that we created this list and gave a presentation to result in nothing. 

Another big issue that was mentioned in the article was the over-sexualization of younger girls. This is a huge topic that I have been researching in my own time because growing up I often felt like I had curated my outfits to be considered “sexier” or “hotter”. Today, we no longer have that “awkward phase”, where in middle school you were just ugly or uncool, but it was never a big deal because everyone was. No one had their life figured out because there wasn’t a need for anyone, too. Through social media, we have lost that very important phase, where now young girls and boys are growing up too fast. Caring too much about things that they shouldn’t need to worry about. This does impact both genders, however, I feel that in society there is more pressure on girls. They are shown images of beautiful woman, makeup tutorials, and all the tricks to become your “best self”. Then once these children follow them and try to emulate these women, they are scolded and ridiculed for growing up too fast or trying too hard. But what do we expect? Either way, they are trapped, of either the humiliation of their peers or emotional abuse from the world around them. I just hope one day, younger girls are given a break and can just experience life without the pressure.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your response and your opinions on this issue. I totally agree with your thoughts and learn more about the research that you did. I like the way you connected your research to teaching reading. I agree with what you said about how boys and girls are growing really fast and worrying about important things through social media. Also, I like the way you explained how Sexism affects both genders.

  2. Hi Tia! I agree that sex education is extremely important. So many unwanted incidents happened when more could have been done to prevent it. I also felt the same when you wrote “Either way, they are trapped, of either the humiliation of their peers or emotional abuse from the world around them.”Perhaps some people will realize that they should just be themselves and look like themselves, comfortably. But many others will probably live in the turmoil of self-consciousness and anxiety over their appearances. Great job!!

  3. I liked how you included that sexism has an impact on both genders, which in some situations is not stressed enough. Your description and relation of the topic to the school was a great idea. Great post Tia!

  4. Hi Tia, I love this post! I agree that it’s alarming that we aren’t receiving adequate sex education. When we wrote that MUN resolution, we were very interested in the prospect of receiving better education on sexual health, gender, and sexism, as these topics are essential to learn about. Children and teenagers should be learning about these topics, not only to further their education, but also for their safety, and to develop a respectful and equality-oriented foundation. Hopefully, future generations will have better access to this education. Great job!

  5. Hey Tia! I agree on your argument when you say that we aren’t receiving the proper sex education. This subject has a heavy take in today’s society and it should be addressed as soon as possible! Thank you for bringing your points forward. Good post!

  6. You created meaning out of the summer reading “Enough is Enough”. You made a really good point in the second paragraph about how the times are changing.

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