Personal Response to The Doll’s House

The Doll’s House is a story based on one of Ibsen’s friend her name is Laura Kieler and the part that is based on her is Nora and Torvald she had something similar happen where she took out an illegal loan to save her husband.

My thoughts on the Doll House, I think the story was very good and usually kept my attention for a lot of it, I’m not very good at staying on track with books but the movie really was good it kept my attention without me feeling bored. So that’s good but here are the reasons why I feel like it kept my attention for such a long time without getting distracted. Even some parts of the book did this as well.

First thing being that there is almost always something happening in the story, for example, when Mrs. Linde comes back to Nora’s home after Krogstad put the letter filled with the bad things Nora did. Mrs., Linde says that she used to have a relationship with Krogstad so she could go talk to him, and while that is happening Nora is trying to stall Torvald from looking in the glove box, this is one of the first ways the story keeps my attention. It is small ways that Nora is trying to stall Torvald, you can really see her emotion and how she is desperate for him not to see the letter in the letterbox.

Second things being the emotions in the story, to be fair I can only read emotion sometimes in the book but in the movie it conveys it a lot better which should be what a movie does but besides that the Emotions to me play a big part in how you interpret something some of the emotions that stuck out the most and convey the most is especially when Nora learns the truth about her marriage with Torvald while she is calm, with no expression, you can really feel this emotion of like realizing something bad about something you care about.

In all this book and movie are very nice. This is something I could read in my free time without falling asleep.


5 thoughts on “Personal Response to The Doll’s House”

  1. Your personal response definitely made me laugh at times, especially the ending, Jack. I related to it as well. The play was engaging and it keept you on the hook for more. It kind of seems as though you enjoyed the movie more being able to understand their emotions and interpret their expressions as well. Maybe you can let me know idf this was the case.

  2. I personally really liked how the author linked his friend into his play, although I will say that I am quite curious as to how he was able to retain such a great amount of detail on her life story.

  3. Jack, I completely agree with your comment about keeping you amused. I also find it hard sometimes to keep my attention on something. I do wonder though, what was it specifically about the movie that kept your interest? Was it that it was in black and white, the type of vocabulary, the costumes…..?

  4. Hi Jack, I think the reason why the play was more engaging than books could be that it is a short story, and the plot is written to be fast-paced and captivating. The nature of a play makes it generally suitable to be produced into films, because the length of a play is generally the same as the length of a movie. Therefore, the story and emotional developments of the characters are accurately portrayed.

  5. Hi Jack, I like how you touched on your own experience watching and reading the book. I agree that the story was very good at keeping our attention, especially towards the characters… Also, I agree that the movie allowed us to better understand the emotional state of the characters. Emotion within this play is something I realized was a crucial aspect after watching the movie… You kept your response simple and relatable, well done Jack.


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