A Doll’s House

Throughout the play, Henrik Ibsen’s “doll house”, my views and feelings about the characters are constantly changing. At first, I thought Nora was a strong woman who had no choice but to play a naive, ignorant role, but as the plot developed, she was portrayed as a naive, sheltered young woman.

I don’t like Nora, I find her annoying. Towards the end of the third act, I think Torvald’s reaction to Nora’s incident is normal, I think everyone has impulsive moments, also he was oblivious of this secret for 8 years, and he said that it was against his principle to borrow a loan. “You wrecked my entire happiness now. You’ve gambled away my entire future for me. Oh, it’s too terrible to contemplate.”(Act III, p 178). I think it is reasonable how Torvald acted, his pride and reputation is very important for a man, don’t underestimate it. If Torvald has a bad reputation, who will earn money to financially support the family? What if it ends up like Krogstad’s situation? Even though Nora has good motives, she still crossed Torvald’s bottom line, which is borrowing money. At last, I was surprised that she made a decision to leave Torvald. I totally agree with her point of view, but the premise is that there are no children, because if she leaves suddenly, I feel she is very irresponsible and it is a selfish move that she made. However, everyone has their own flaws, and she is still learning and exploring herself so I was happy when she found out that she was important and finally stood up for herself.

I actually dislike Torvald too, the way he treated Nora as a doll. Calling her names like a “song-lark,” a “squirrel,” or a “little spending-bird.” I feel absolutely uncomfortable while watching the movie nor reading the book.

4 thoughts on “A Doll’s House”

  1. It’s interesting that you think Torvald’s response is justified. I enjoyed reading this post because it made me consider him from a ‘justified’ point of view, whereas I had previously just thought him to be fully unjustified. I definitely agree that discovering your wife has been hiding a major event from you for years would be quite hard to handle.

  2. Great response, Lydia! Your understanding of Torvald was eye-opening and was justified. The point you made about people being in the heat of action causing them to act out is something we see all the time and it was a good point.

  3. Hi Lydia, your response to the play made me rethink the appropriate boundaries in a relationship. Trust, respect, and responsibility are essential components in a relationship, especially marriage. But perhaps to achieve this, one needs to first know themselves well. Good job with the personal response!

  4. Hi Lydia, I enjoyed reading about your perspective of why you found Nora annoying. I would agree with you that at times her character is a little bothersome. Everything she does is for her family even if her actions are not properly thought out. I feel Nora could have made better choices for her family, choices which could have resulted in a better ending for Torvald… I would advise you to do a little more proofreading in the future but otherwise, good job!

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