WDolan “Doll’s house” Personal Reponse Act 3

I enjoyed ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen immensely. I think the title of the play was fitting as Torvald continuously manipulated Nora like a doll and treated her as a child or non-human inferior creature.

I liked Nora, as I thought she represented the qualities of strong women. I sympathized for her since she has been treated as Torvald’s possession throughout the entire story. He calls her ‘treasure’, ‘skylark’, ‘sweet tooth’, and so on. However, I was intrigued by how she was so blunt about leaving her children. I did not know whether to think of her as an irresponsible mother, or someone who has been through enough pain and deserved to live a free life. I do not like Helmer because he is manipulative and he suggests throughout the play that Nora is stupid and that he loves her for her attractive appearance.

I thought the ending was disappointing because it was so abrupt, and Nora willingly left her children behind. However, Nora’s desperation and confrontation with Torvald Helmer felt realistic because she knew he would not want her to leave. One question Act III raised for me was: ‘In what sense does Helmer’s attitude reflect society in the past and present?’ 

In conclusion,  I gained more perspective on the social structure and expected behavior from women within that time frame. Women seemed taken advantaged of for their appearance rather being respected for their qualities.

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  1. I was also surprised when she decided to leave her children too. It seemed so random. I think that she possibly thought that leaving her children would be better for their future? It’s also that maybe she can’t help her kids because she herself doesn’t really know herself? Great post!

  2. Nice post, William! Your first point being about the title reminded me of the first thing you said about the title of Candide, it made me smile, but I strongly agree with the title representing it well and giving you a sense of the play before you begin. I find it to be great that you can see that women should be respected, it also makes me think that Ibsen’s play may be timeless as it’s teaching many and allowing them to understand.

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