“The Awakening” Personal Respose

Throughout reading the story “The Awakening”, I believe Edna was making very rash decisions. I do understand that she was not being completely fulfilled in her marriage with Mr. Pontellier, but to result in suicide is quite a bold decision. She wanted to feel real love but she was looking too hard. I believe if she was able to recognize the love she was already receiving from her spouse, or her other lovers, she may not have committed suicide. The depiction of love she was looking for was storybook love, and I believe it can’t be completely achieved. She was looking for a connection with someone that would cause no harm or unjust. In relationships it is nearly impossible to have no moments that cause each other to have second thoughts. When Edna asked Aruban to runaway with her, she was only thinking of herself. She felt confident they both were falling in love, but Aruban did not feel the same way. Some may blame Mr. Pontellier for giving her next to no physical or emotional love. This emptiness resulted in her looking for the “perfect love”. I believe this search for a perfect relationship resulted in Edna’s demise.

I felt intrigued with the novel The Awakening because it is not a novel I could have seen myself reading. But the more I read, the more I felt a connection with the characters and found myself hopefully wishing for Edna’s happiness. However, It ended up like a Shakespearian tragedy, with Edna realizing she could not find happiness or love and swimming off into the ocean, finally awakened.


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  1. I really like Beckham’s personal response. He makes a great point you can’t always get what you want especially perfect love. My question for Beckham is what do you think Mr. Pontellier could have done to make Edna feel more happy in their marriage?

    1. A very good insight on the decisions in which Edna has made. Perhaps more comment on other characters could be included to further justify Edna’s reasons?


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