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To be honest, I do not have a certain feeling on what Edna had done, it is not like or dislike. Although when I first read “the awaken,” I was shocked and didn’t understand Edna, she had the comfortable living condition and a “best husband in the world”(6). However, Edna fell in love with another man. It is so hard for me to realize what kind of love is so strong that can even let her leave her children. When I I read the second half of “the awakening,” I thought she was a pitiful woman. The only thing Edna wanted and eventually lost all was the love of Robert and freedom; she almost gave up everything to chase her purpose, she left her children and husband and her luxury life. However, she also got the cruellest revenge as her disloyalty to her husband, Robert refused to run away with her. That was the last straw which caused her suicide. Edna was not like other women during that time, when I thought she would never let anyone control all of her life no matter her husband or her children, she committed suicide because she was unique and not understood. She was a contradictory woman.
But I still admire some of her abilities. It was evident that Edna is an independent woman with her own opinions and decisions. While she decided to live outside, everything was ready, the location was already chosen, the servant was prepared, and she even held a party as her last dinner in her old house, all the work had been done had reached its aim. Edna would never be those women who relied on their husband; she could live very well by herself.


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