Personal response “The awaking”

Personally, I was hoping that this story had a happy ending. However, this story was like a tragedy. Because, in my opinion, if a story ends with death and no hope, the story is a tragedy. Some people might think this story is not a tragedy like what I heard from our class discussion. But, I could not see any hope at the end of this story. “The Kite runner” is a good example to explain my opinion. “The kite runner” included much death and seemed so violence. But there was hope at the end. I could see the hope from characters’ actions and words. Of course, I can understand other opinions too such as her death was suicide so it is not a tragedy like murder and it gave mistrial and literary atmosphere to audiences. But I have never thought that death was beautiful. Because if a person dies, everything is ended at the point. There is no more sound. There is no more color. There is no more hope… There is nothing. Some literature describes the beauty of death and tries to make a specific atmosphere with the silence of death. But I do not feel any literary significance from there. Therefore, I was not moved to a good way such as getting useful ideas for my life from this story. But I could know what gives the biggest impression on me and what types of idea I want from literature.


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    1. There were some miss description that caused misunderstanding to readers. I edited the part so please check it again. And if it does not make sense yet, please let me know. Thank you.


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