A personal response on “The Awakening”

Through analyzation of the book “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin, a conclusion could be generated in relation towards the character Edna, her personality fluctuates persistently within the story. Throughout the story, it is seen that Edna has it pretty good, a loyal, faithful and good husband along with being able to basically indulge in anything she wants everyday without ever having a worry in the world. It should only be understandable that there is no physical reason in which she should be in crisis, but she was. Initially, Edna is portrayed as a character which is joyful, outgoing woman and clearly has a good connection with her partner, Leonce Pontellier. Although this is true, her thoughts and perspectives on marriage displaces her sanity, she wants to be independant, a woman without spouse. In my opinion, Edna is a difficult woman, although so, she may be also be inducing the independence of woman. I have noticed that within the story, although it may seem insignificant, it seemed that Mr. Pontellier was allowed to travel out of the house, he had a purpose, a life outside of the little enclosure in which Edna calls home. A comparison could be made towards Edna’s life, it seemed that every day for her was dull, although she had been able to indulge herself in all kinds of luxuries due to her husband, she finds no purpose in life. Perhaps she feels unfair towards the full life of her husband, yet she is stuck in the resort, forced to look after the children (or at least required to by her husband). This displeases her and in turn, she wants to become a woman of herself, a woman who does not plainly accept the gifts of a man, a woman who strives and fights for her own. In order to do that, she had to sacrifice many things, she has noticed so close to the end of the story. Firstly, she had to sacrifice the reputation of her husband which he hastily put back together within the first attempts of Edna’s escape. This is not fair towards her husband as he has Donne everything to fulfill her, considering of the children, providing her with the best life possible..he may be in blame for her absence. Secondly, her children would be in jeopardy of being made fun of, looked down upon as she was to run away to fulfill her own life. So the only choice was suicide, she would rather die than live a further miserable life with no direction. In relation to the field, where Edna had said she wanders endlessly with no reason, the last time she wanders the field was within the ocean in which she bathes happily constantly, she finally had a direction, death.


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