The Negro Mother body paragraph

In “the Negro Mother” by Langston Hughes, the poem implies that black people reading it in the current day are not as strong as their ancestors and need to make sure to live up to the bravery of those who came before them. Not everyone would agree with this analysis but there is evidence in the poem that she wants to make sure that the African Americans today can be as strong as she was before. We know that the narrator of the poem in “Negro Mother” is talking to black people of today because she says “Children, I come back today / To tell you a story of the long dark way.” We can also see that she implies they need to not be lazy at all when she says “Sometimes, the road was hot with the sun, / But I had to keep on till my work was done: /I had to keep on! No stopping for me – /I was the seed of the coming Free.” These lines shows that the Negro mother is proud that the current generations is free but when she writes “no stopping for me!” it implies that she worked harder than today’s African Americans to win their freedom. The narrator is inspiring future generations by telling them “Remember how the strong in struggle and strife / Still bar you the way, and deny you life – / But march ever forward, breaking down bars. / Look ever upward at the sun and the stars.” She is reassured them that if she got through even worse times they can get through bad racism and times today in America. In the time of the narrator, who is a symbol for the strong black woman who kept African Americans strong through oppression and never surrendered to the racism of the white people, she is remembering a time when black families were whipped and black children were intentionally sold to far away to split up black families. It was much worse even than the racism that existed in the time of Langston Hughes, so she is telling the black people reading the poem to be brave and strong and never give up. This woman is trying to convey a positive experience to us that can come from the hard history of African Americans in slavery and oppression and make sure people know the struggle she went through means they can get through anything.


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