“Life is fine”

When Langston Hughes was close to death, he also experienced the reborn. In “Life is fine,” the repetition of the words “cold” and “high” exactly reflected the true thinking of those people who were trying to die. While they were drowning in the river and jumping from high, it is easier for them to feel scared and regret by any insignificant factors. They might wonder What exactly made them choose to give up their life, and to the surprise, hardly anyone was disappointed by themselves, and nearly most of them went to the suicide result from a broken relationship or a failure experience. Hughes used to be one of them. However, the coldness and high let him realize that there is still one thing much essential than love which is also showed in the sixth stanza, “I could’ve died for love, but for livin’, I was born.” Although the love has such persuasive power that can even make people despair of life, love is never the only faith that supports our survival; we were born for ourselves. Hughs turned his sadness and hurt into a kind of energy that pushes him forward and keep on living. At the end of this poem which is also the climax of this poem highlight the central theme of this poem: life is fine, perfectly reveals the new understand and perspective of life from Hughs. These two unforgettable experience give Hughs a brand new way to treat and figure out those hurtful things on a daily basis


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