Let America Be America Again

The poem “Make America be America again” expresses Langston hughes’s strong expectation for America. Because he says “America never was America to me, And yet I swear this oath, America will be!” He also used metaphor several times to describe the different oppression of different people. In addition, Hughes believes that regardless of race, religion or creed, the United States should be a country where people live out their dreams, Equality and equal opportunity. “Let America be America again” this poem explores the dark realms of life, as to the history of exploitation, And he describes in the poem the unique struggles of the black and white people who make up America. These people, he says in the poem, had the most basic dream “that America might and should be able to achieve.” Out of sympathy for the oppressed and abused in his black background, he called on everyone in his poem “Let America Be America again”. That’s why his poetry is popular.


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