“Deferred” is just about dreams?

In the poem “Deferred”, Langston Hughes brings out the circumstances of African Americans which they were not able to finish wishes because of oppression by the using of parallelism. As the flow of the poem, there is parallelism in how a stanza started. “All I want is”, “I want to”, Hughes wants to emphasize the desire. The readers can feel the bitterness in word “All”. While all other people in the world want luxurious stuffs, the characters in this poem just want a bottle of gin, a stove, or graduation – those things that looks too easy to achieve, to get for white people. Just with one word, “all”, Hughes spreads the screams of dreams, the despair of black people. With that, he raises a question in readers’ head, “Why?” Why they want such a simple thing, such a simple life, why they cannot achieve what they are deserved for, what happened that deferred their dreams. He draws the picture of disparity, of injustice without saying a word against it. In that picture, there are various types of people, they may be young or they may be old, they may be women they may be men, but they have one same thing, they were treated unfair. With his big picture in the poem, readers now can relate to the circumstances of black people in America at that time, those who just escaped from being slave, returned to be real humans again. However, with these words, Hughes says that they are not totally free yet, they are still in the cage of oppression. Because they are black, they are not white; because those white people don’t want to change their mind, they are superior. To conclude, Langston Hughes has stood up for African Americans in his time to against the oppression of white people which made their dreams incomplete.


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