As I Grew Older

As I Grew Older is a very sad poem, and it is very touching. The main theme of the poem is about the narrow of the dream deferred. A lot of technique is used to emphasize and highlight the theme. First is the repetition of the word “dream”. It mentioned by seven times, the repetition makes a deep impression in the reader’s mind. It effectively emphasized the poet desire of dream. And the repetition of “ Rose slowly, slowly”, which express the helpless of the poet. They have a big dream, but they can’t make it come true. Double “Slowly” also implied poet are suffering from this kind of pain. The pain of let dream deferred. Here, the rose slowly is talking about the wall. The wall is a metaphor of the troubles in front of the poet. The first is racism, as black people, their rights are limited, and they get so many unfair treatments. And he said the wall is “ Dimming and Hiding” It implied these troubles get more and more, it blocked the way to his dream. There is an irony “ I am black” and “ My dark hand”. it is a very negative view for himself. It is irony the racial discrimination of the society. This poem starts with a negative and sorrow atmosphere, but end with a positive and motivated ending. The emotion of the ending is very strong, it is very touching to me. “ To smash this night, To break this shadow.” It is the climax of this poem. And I think it must encourage a lot of people to follow their dream, and it encourages people to defend their dream. For the poet, he wants to break all of these racisms and troubles in front of him. This poem showed the dark side of the life, but it still brings people power in the end


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