The Awakening

I did not particularly enjoy this novel until the end where Edna Pontellier commits suicide. Edna’s decision of drowning herself in the sea makes complete sense to me. She always has a special connection to the sea; the sea is the place where she connects her body and soul together. Responding to the question about whose fault it is that Edna dies, I think it is both Edna’s and the society’s fault. It can be Edna’s fault because she does not seem to appreciate her husband and her children and decides to have affairs. A grown woman should be responsible of her own action. However, it is not Edna’s fault entirely. The way that society is set up also influences her decision. Choices are always limited for women during that time period; women were expected to marry a man and to remain faithful and loyal to her family no matter what happens. Although Edna has a relatively nice husband, she does not love him. Their marriage is described to be ‘an accident’. In this case, I understand why Edna is tempted to have affairs with other men. Her decision is also influenced by the confusion that is caused between her husband’s culture – Creole, that is more open about sexuality than her own background that is a lot more conservative.