Personal response to the book “The Awakening”, by Kate Chopin

The Awakening is a book we recently read in class. It was written a few centuries ago and as it was first published it was heavily criticized and created a scandal by the society. It was only in 1970’s, due to feminism, when the book was found again and people read it without criticism.

When we read the first couple of chapters of this book I thought to myself, “ohhh I like this book”. It seems like any other romance movie, where the true love meet and stay together forever. After getting deeper into the book, where Edna and Robert spend a long time in each other’s company, I kept waiting for that moment when something will happen between them, as it seems that they are true love of one and other. As the readers we know it is completely wrong and horrible to have an affair and be unfaithful, yet we still want them to take their relationship one step up.

This book seems predictable, as though the readers will know exactly what will happen next, but it surprised me every time. Each time we think A is going to happen, C is happening.  This kept the reading not dull and very interesting. When Robert come back after leaving to Mexico, we expect him to rum to Edna and confess his love to her. Yet the opposite happens. He tells her that he came back because business would have been the same in either place, and he didn’t like Mexico very much. But we know that he does love her. So why does he lie? Why does not Edna tell’s Robert how she feels? I think they are both so scared of what society will think and say that they dong think of their needs and wishes.

I think it was irresponsible and immature, especially immoral for Edna to commit suicide, as her life is not her own, but there are other people in this world whom are depending on her. Her children, even tough her love to them is different from the “mother women”, have only one biological mother, and they are still in the stage where they need her. She lives in a society that yes, is hard and does not expect many things, but she still made choices, and if one makes the wrong choice the circumstances are not going to be easy either. Instead of Edna fighting through these difficulties she takes the “easy way out” outing herself from the circumstances and obligation she has and commit suicide.

To be honest I don’t know whether I like this book or not. I like it because you get shoved into their world, pretending you are a part of these characters’ life. The drama in the book never stops and there is always something new happening. Also, Edna is discovering herself, who she is, what she is and what is her purpose. It may seem as though it is somewhat too late for her to discover these things. She already got married and steeled down with 2 children. On the other hand, reading this book was quite awkward and uncomfortable, as things are left for the imagination. A fair amount of this book is about sex, however, since Chopin does not clearly state this, it is left for our imagination to figure out what happens between the characters.