Personal response: The Awakening

I loved and hated “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin, it was a very interesting to read the progress and transformation of Edna into a dependent and free-minded person. But, I can not understand why she chose to ‘change’ or ‘transform’ in such a way that she had to sacrifice her family, her beliefs and her personality. Chopin made Edna transform in a very extreme way, it was to allow Edna to find her true self and awaken from the ‘nightmare’ she was living in. But from other character’s perspective Edna was living the dream, she had two lovely children, a beautiful house and a very generous husband. Edna on the other hand, thought that her marriage to Leonce Pontillier was purely an incident and it wasn’t going well. Edna gradually identifies what she wants to become and who she wants to become. Throughout the novel, Edna starts to ‘awaken’ from the ‘nightmare’ she was living in.  Then she started to change her personality, belief and actions to become the ‘New Edna’ a new born person in the world. Even Mr. Pointellier realized her unusual behaviour “but she doesn’t act well. She’s odd, she’s not like herself. I can’t make her out”. The scandalised and immoral actions of Edna and her affairs made her realise this is what she wanted a happy relationship with Robert. It is still shocking how a mother can just abandon her family for her own needs, there is no justification for her immoral actions. Also, all of her actions was very selfish, she only thought about her own needs, wants and she priorities herself in front of family. However, this is what it took for Edna to become the ‘New Edna’ where she took control of her life and made her own choices.

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  1. I think that Edna’s immoral and scandalized affairs is what makes the book interesting, since Edna is controlling her own life. This may be the reason that she is unhappy in her marriage with Leonce Pontellier.

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