What details in Acts One and Two reveal that Raina is not really in love with Sergius?

     Raina’s behaviors reveal that she is not really in love with Sergius in Acts One and Two.  One example is her dramatic entrance when she meets Sergius when he comes home from Act Two. Raina chooses her moment to come out when Sergius asks about her, “How is Raina; and where is Raina?” Immediately after Sergius asks that, Raina “suddenly coming round the corner of the house and standing at the top of steps in the path.” This implies that she has been hiding and listening for the right moment to come out, which reveals that she pays more attention to her entrance than actually greeting Sergius as a person. This proves that she does not love him, because if two people are in love, they cannot wait to spend time together instead of planning their entrance. Raina’s behavior of dramatic acting around Sergius furthermore confirms that she does not love him. Raina acts as if she is very keen to see Sergius when she is around him, for example, during their conversation, Raina  “places her hands on his shoulder as she looks up at him with admiration and worship”.  We know that this is all an act as later on, as soon as Sergius left, Raina shows “a perceptible relaxation of manner”. The fact that she loosens up after Sergius left reveals that her real character is not when Sergius is around. This implies that all her behaviors in front of Sergius is fake, and she is not really in love with him.