I believe that the 1619 project is mainly journalism, because it is recording a case made for the public to decide whether or not history education within schools should be reformed. The idea of educational reform to provide insight on all perspectives of a country’s development, should be supported. However, the perspective of how we view and have viewed history should not be disregarded. Non-colored people may have been the foundation of the United States, but that is not a bad thing. It is history. We have developed a better understanding of why it was unethical to enslave and beat the slaves, etc. 

What is history? If we continue to change our ideas about what has happened in the past, which is the right perspective? Do our old ideas remain strong, or does change such as educational reform disregard those previous conceptions? I think the ‘1619 Project’ could have been more subtly introduced, and more revision of their stated claims would have been beneficiary, and more successful in persuading the public.

The ‘1619 Project’ appears to be a clever way of trying to avoid talking about the white people involved in the formation of the United States. However, I do agree with the idea there being more focus on the African’s role in America. Nevertheless, we should simultaneously remember the non-colored people’s input in the United States. We need to consider the conclusion that without the enslavers, America may be very different today. There may be less diversity, and the economy might not be in its current state (despite the pandemic), etc. Its purpose is clear, but it is not clear how they can modify the project to ensure it becomes and stays successful. I think it could be used for political purposes in terms of being used for a campaign by an African-American. But that may be seen as propaganda, which would defeat the purpose. 

Furthermore on the subject of politics, I do not think there are many ways you can be apolitical about a subject of this magnitude. However, I think you can be interested in learning more about another perspective of history without getting involved in the idea of politics. 

I believe people who study history from the perspective of Caucasian people being the only foundation for the United States, are afraid for change. They might be afraid they are going to be frowned upon for honoring the Founding Fathers. At the same time, they have good reason to be. America is changing. 

I get stumped when I consider the question: Who is right? There may be no right answer in this situation, since you cannot please everyone. I would not call the ‘1619 Project’ propaganda because they are not expressing a particularly political topic. It is more of a historical project. The project appears to want African American people viewed as one of the main foundations for America, and to some individuals that may seem selfish. However, I see it as a project in its early stages, ready to develop and reform educations.

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  1. You made an interesting point when you claimed that The 1619 Project would have been more persuasive if it were more subtly introduced and if the claims were revised more. I’m curious if you think this is because people were not ready for something as “radical” as this? Also, I completely agree that people looking at history solely through a white lens are afraid of change. Different perspectives are essential, in my opinion! Excellent post, Will!!

  2. Hi William! I agree with you with how the 1619 Project will hopefully be the start to reforming our education (even if it’s in its early stage). I thought your point of view was really interesting, and I really enjoyed reading your post! Good job!

  3. Hey Will, I agree with your opinion that the “1619 project” is a work of journalism. Reading the project and responses to the project made us question the relationship between ethics and slavery. When you said that “The ‘1619 Project’ appears to be a clever way of trying to avoid talking about the white people involved in the formation of the United States” this is also something I find agreeable. White people would rather not at all be involved in slavery. It seems as if slavery’s existence has been ignored especially within the school system, as you said. Without slavery’s history being shared between older and younger people then it will slowly become something that is forgotten… Good job Will!

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