The U.S. Constitution: Article’s 1 and 2

Article I Section 1. of The Constitution of the United States of America outlines the design of the legislative branch of the U.S. Government, which is known as the Congress.

Ideas that need to be considered through this section of the Constitution is how there is the separation of power made between the various levels of government. This separation helps to balance the election of representatives and senators. The process of electing these two is important towards the laws that are initiated within the United States of America along with the power the Congress attains through this. It is interesting how the Constitution helps to separate the powers because if there was no separation there would most likely be a lot of arguments towards who is right or wrong when something goes wrong. People tend to want a leader or at least a group of people who have more power above them. The only reason for this is so that if a mistake is made by someone of lower power then there at least an option to blame someone else such as a boss…

Article Two helps to establish the idea of there being an executive branch for the federal government. Which is there to support the federal government by making responsible choices towards carrying out the federal laws the country needs.

Section 2. of Article Two explains the basis of the powers of the presidency. Further explaining the fact that the president is also there to listen to the commander-in-chief within the military along with other roles the president needs to commit to. The thing is an executive branch is needed so that the government does not need to waste their time on smaller matters or laws that the country needs to address. The president is not the leader of the military but when the Constitution says that the president is commander-in-chief. The thing is the president needs to have a say in what happens within battles, he needs to be able to support decisions for the benefit of the country and himself. Do they not give the president full control over the military because there is a chance that the president could make an unjust decision? For one person to control the military and have control over almost everything else that occurs within the United States of America would be too much power for one person.

I feel that separation of power within a country is important when it comes to making respectively agreeable decisions. I feel that the powers given to the presidency had been carefully thought on by the delegates who wrote the Constitution. In my opinion, giving one person the power to control how a country runs is okay but only when the person chosen has the education required to run, lead and speak for the country in a non-discriminatory way.

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