The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important and impactful document that forever changed the government in America.

Even with its importance in history, it is extremely boring and predictable, and often contradictory to itself in many ways. Sure, it was step towards more freedom and justice in the government, but the creators of the document were the ones contributing to the problems that we are still trying to resolve in todays society.

“…all men are created equal…”(pg.1) This quote is not longer applicable in todays modern world, for we don’t know this definition of being ‘equal’ or who this quote even applies too. We can assume that when writing this they were not thinking of women, people of colour or any other minorities.  That this quote was only to help the already privileged people of the time, aka white rich men, and the occasional poor white man.

The Declaration of Independence was revolutionary during its time, and should always be remembered as the step we had to take towards a better future. Even so, I think that we can do better now and adjust to our new circumstances.

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