Reflection on: The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was created based on America’s morals for there to be independence between them and Great Britain. Did America want to stop the Revolutionary War? Some people believe that their true morals were to protect themselves. By initiating independence between them and Great Britain so that they could maybe receive support from other countries across the world. However, others disagree with this idea for America only desiring support during the Revolutionary War. Some believe that America created the Declaration of Independence to help towards their development in becoming a great empire. 

In The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution by Bernard Bailyn, he said: “The Declaration of Independence represents the colonists’ deepest fears and beliefs” (1967). Bailyn describes the document as being a creation of the colonists’ “deepest fears.” What were the colonists afraid of? Was it the idea that Great Britain may eventually defeat America and the only opportunity was for America to attempt to initiate peace across the world so that they could defend themselves within the war? In A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, he said: “The solution was to find language inspiring to all classes, specific enough in its listing of grievances to fill people with anger against the British, vague enough to avoid class conflict, and stirring enough to build patriotic feelings.” This excerpt in some ways supports Bernard Bailyn’s explanation for why America truly created the Declaration of Independence. However, Zinn’s idea is slightly different… It tackles the American’s solution to survive the War. To try and make other people angry with the British in a way which is imprecise enough to keep away from any conflict between the classes and “stirring enough” to develop patriotic feelings between America and the rest of the world. Their solution for survival succeeded and America was aided within the Revolutionary War. 

It was legally formed on July 4, 1776, by the continental congress. The 13 colonies of America had broken their political connections to Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence was a chance for the colonists to initiate independence which is what they wanted to achieve for quite some time but they never had an opportunity until the idea of the declaration had come up. 

The Declaration of Independence had been a turning point for change within the world. It had given an opportunity to change the Revolutionary War from originally being a civil war located within Britain to a war held between two separate countries. This change in the Revolutionary War had given other world powers a chance to be able to help support the Americain cause… This had ended up changing the civil war within Britain to a global war that involved Spain, Britain, France, America, and the Dutch Republic. Although this change in War may sound like a negative effect because of the Declaration of Independence we have to consider the after-effects of the war to understand the true benefits… 

Even to this day, the effects of the Declaration of independence can still be seen quite clearly seen. Once America had chosen to become independent on July 4th many other countries across the world had followed America’s steps and morals for independence and became independent countries themselves. This declaration was the first document that had a beneficial effect throughout the world and not just within one or two countries. It brought the world’s countries together and initiated an opportunity for peace instead of War.

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