What is Democracy?

What is the point of democracy? What do we want to get out of the world, and how does our view of what a good government should be interplay with that goal? Is what we want happiness, is it the absolute ability to do whatever, is it total power over other people, is it equality and justice, or is it a total disregard for society, to simply accept our future rests in the hands of technology to govern us. Whatever it is, it is not unanimous. How could the world be so pleasingly simple? I would go so far as to argue the whole idea of democracy is the epitome of audacity, irrational and impossible, a concept existent merely within the sentimental construct of our minds. The thing we commonly refer to as ‘democracy’ in the everyday world is merely the persistent failure resulted from the continuous attempts tried to achieve this ideal. The day we all become satisfied becomes the day satisfaction becomes irrelevant. We would have nothing left to be satisfied about, as there is no remainder to accomplish. Us, the democratic citizen, would be reduced to a sac of potatoes to rot in front of a TV for eternity. This explains why ‘democracy’ is so fluid and exists following such different hierarchies; to attempt to achieve our ideal, we persue the democratic government from different angles, with different ideas, by people with different biases and levels of authority. To describe democracy as the majority rule is utter lunacy and is so paradoxical it is absurd. People are ever-shifting, throwing new leaders into the spotlight (or under the bus), to achieve their demands and reach what they think is freedom. However, there is no such thing as freedom, and no such thing as democracy, and these people are using their ‘democratic’ government to try and achieve a better life; in other words, they are using democracy to get even better democracy. Thus, an infinite loop is formed, frequently broken by a breach in democratic ethos, where a tyrant/tyrants, shifts the political view from the need of total equality to something else. Then, the spirit of democracy comes knocking back on the doors of the people’s minds, and what happened is undone, whether it took one, ten, or a thousand years.

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