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Course Description
Grade 9 English Language A is designed for fluent English speakers. The course is organized around guiding questions derived from the five Areas of Interaction of the Middle Years Program.  The aim of the course is to develop the reading, writing, speaking, and analytical skills of the students. The students examine a range of texts including novels, short stories, poetry, and visual media. They develop an awareness of the purpose, use, and application of different styles of language and apply this knowledge to their own visual, written and oral communication. Ongoing assessment takes place according to the MYP Language A criteria through a variety of tasks, including analysis of written and visual texts, reading comprehension, oral presentations, creative writing, and persuasive essays.

Homework and Independent Reading
Independent Reading develops the vocabulary, comprehension skills, and background knowledge that produce success in school. As such, it is the single most important activity in this course. Students are expected to read for at least 15 minutes every day, seven days a week. In return, with very few exceptions, Independent Reading will be the only homework assigned in English 9A. Further details about Independent Reading can be found here.

The Class Blog
Most of the writing students do for English 9A will be posted on this blog, where other students in the class can read and comment. This provides student writers with virtually unlimited opportunity to practice writing for a real audience, and to receive more or less immediate feedback from their readers. Good writing skills result from a) copious reading, which provides students with models to emulate; b) lots of practice; and c) constructive feedback both from peers and from instructors. Students who want to improve their writing skills will have every opportunity to do so in this course.

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