Have I changed?

Have I changed as a Reader?

Yes, I’ve changed as a reader. When it was September, in my english BA class, our english teacher Mrs. Adams didn’t assign us much about the independent reading, and I didn’t get really deep with reading, didn’t really spend a lot of time on reading as much as now. Previously I didn’t read a lot of books by my self unless the teacher assign me to. Or unless it’s only the books that I am interested in and want to read. Then I’ve been moved up to english A, it’s a class that we are assigned and suppose to read everyday, and it’s strongly needed for the class, so I started to read more then before everyday, and with the books, I can know more things like what is the book talking about, what would the books teach me, and I also get a new hot topic to talk about with friends and anyone. I’ve changed from a student who don’t often read books to reading books more and more often everyday.

Have I changed as a writer?

From reading my recent blog posts I can see that I do have several grammar mistakes, and they are the simple ones, which proves that I need to read more and write more. Till now, I may not feel that I’ve improved, as Mr. Macknight said, for writing, the improvements are formed like staircases, not a slope. It will suddenly improve, and improve. I may be improved from the beginning of the year, it’s just that I didn’t feel it that much. I do keep writing in english for the school year and starting beginning, before I start to write more, I was very bad at grammar, and I start to have tutors, buying in english grammar books to begin with. Then slowly, I start to do a essay everyday. Till later on, I have the abilities to write more then the word limit that is required, I began to do better in english writing assignments. Writing is all about keep writing, practicing and practicing. As long as I keep writing, my writing skill, my grammar skill will get better. The main thing to do for improving english is read for sure. Writing didn’t change me a lot in this year I think, but it DO make a difference before I started writing a lot till now.

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