How have I changed?

How have I changed as a reader?

During the start of this school year, I never had any problems with reading and would usually pick up a book whenever I was bored and had nothing else to do. Now, nothing has change except that I now read at a faster pace and I prefer not to read too much during times when I’m bored. I still plan to keep on reading next year but just not as much as 28 pages per day. For the summer of 2010, I think I’ll just read around three times a week, the number of pages I read each time will depend on how interesting the book is.

How have I changed as a writer?

Ever since the September 2009 until now, I don’t think my writing has changed much. I can write a little more now but my writing style is still kind of repetitive. I think my strength, as a writer is that I know how to make good summaries. I think my weakness in writing is that I’m sometimes too repetitive and I some of the things I write about don’t have enough detail. I could improve my writing by practicing more. I plan on maybe writing a few essays during the summer if I have time.

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