As the writer this year I changed than the previous years but not much improved. As start of the year, I have to write journal everyday during each classes and this type of activity help me a lot on getting nervous of writing. Even though I was grade 8th I always get confused and horrified with writing, but this changed me a lots. Not just my feelings it changed my writing improved. Also reading habit help me to use the much more informal words, but still I have to be much more improve to prevent my language wall.

The only strength I got as a writer is my imagination and the think box of thinking to writing but no more. I’ve got more weakness as a writer to improve. The grammatical problems and read back is the weakness I’ve got as a writer. My plan is to read and copy the good essays and have the habit of read back to improve my writing skills for up coming grade 10th. This summer will be my own testing and fight with writing. Hope I’ll be getting some payments from my plan.

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