I changed a lot in reading during this year of grad 9th. As I’m getting older, I started to become lazy on reading books. However, there were differences between the first year of semester and now the ends of semester. By the assignments from language teachers of reading books changed me a lot. Beginning was the assignments but at the end, it changed to my habit again. Not just the enforce of assignments, still now I could mentioned the books that changed me of reading. Books like ‘Secrets’ these dream guidebooks changed my mind and make me to read the books to help me and encourage me. Some books like fantasy or magical stories makes my interesting on books a lot too.

By these experiences, I changed to love reader again, as it want to be continue to be a love reader, in this summer I have plan to have the books I have to read for my age of level, all the necessary books need for grade 10th as well. Hope I follow the plan of keep tracking on reading!

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