Enjoyed reading but still not initiative enough in writing.

How have I changed as a reader?

Back in 2009 September, I did not really read much book at that time. In fact reading was on my top dislike list, but now reading became one of my habits everyday. This change started from the day I entered Mr. Macknight’s classroom once again after grade 7. The course was still similar to the one before, but this time I learned a lot more from the books I read. Some of the most important reading experiences I gained this year will be to actually enjoy in reading. At first I was forced to read, as a 28 pages or more is needed to achieve a good grade, but as time goes on I started to pay a much closer attention to every vocabulary, every word, every sentence I read. Actually, what is most important to me will be to enjoy reading. Once you are in with the plot line, everything will go together naturally. For this summer, I am planning to read better quality books, as what I need now is to focus more on my use of language and grammar.

How have I changed as a writer?

I way how I write have surely changed (hopefully improved) this year. This is also the same when I think about my attitude toward writing. The first blog post almost took me more than 2 hours to complete, I was struggling on many of the things that I never did struggle on. The content of the things I wrote improved a lot from my point of view, as my mind was full of blankness at the beginning of the year. What I really need to improve will be the use of language; and it is mostly to cut down my dependent on the time required in writing. I think this can be improved by writing more, as you learn how to write by writing! Unfortunately, I do not have the habit to write without being forced to, but I am hoping to write some more throughout the summer, but I lack in motivation, what can help me? I am looking forward to then.

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  • Chong Hao Goh

    I find your post a bit confusing. You state that you disliked reading in September, 2009, yet you say that your transition from disliking books to liking them started in Grade 7. Did you manage to finish three grades in a school year?

    • Emma

      You misread it. It states that his change started when he “entered Mr. MacKnight’s classroom after grade 7.” So he had Mr. MacKnight in grade 7, and then he had him again in grade 9. He didn’t enter Mr. MacKnight’s classroom after grade seven until the start of grade nine — thus he is not contradicting anything. In fact, it makes it more clear, since some people might know that he was in Mr. MacKnight’s class in grade 7 and ask “but if the change started when you started his class, it would have started in grade 7, and that doesn’t make sense.” Maybe his wording might have been made more clear, but his point still comes across.

      • Chong Hao Goh

        Yes, what you say is all very true. However, if he still disliked books at the start of Grade 9, what evidence is there to suggest that a change began during Grade 7? If change truly started in Grade 7, he shouldn’t have still disliked books at the start of Grade 9.

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