Cento Poem

Somehow I get into my room,

I lie on the bed for hours after school

my pulse beat is so slow I think I’m dead.

I have nothing to say, nothing to do for the moment.

I keep my eyes shut.

Feeling myself recharged, I slowly open my eyes.

I wander around the house, impatient

with everything, tired

of the daily cycle.

I remember riding somewhere in a fast car.

I was delighted by the funky music turned on.

I remembered how it felt to go that fast.

I am upset by the fact that that night is so absolutely gone

but that night is so obscure—and this obscurity troubles me.

I want to go back to that night

enjoying the freedom,

ignoring the boring daily cycle

I must go through everday.

  1. The Cord – Leanne O’ Sullivan
  2. The Bat – Theodore Roethke
  3. Break- Dorianne Laux
  4. Key to the Highway – Mark Halliday
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