You Tell Me

I stared at the Assignments page, and it stared back at me.

“Has your writing changed this year?”

“Has your attitude toward writing changed?”

“Do you use different strategies now than you did in September?”

To just end this post right now is tempting. But of course, the last few questions can’t be answered with a “No”. Then again, “No” isn’t exactly all there is to say, so—ahem—allow me to start again.

I stared at the Assignments page, scrolled down the page, clicked Shimmona (40), Older Entries and read. And read. And read. And hallelujah, it was there. Minuscule but existent, there are actually differences between my first post (Who Will I Be?) and—excluding the last minute half-assed journal entries I wrote—my latest post (Names and Faces Personal Response).

What are these differences? That’s one right there. I used that question to help make things flow better. Whether or not it was successful being another matter, I cringe at how I used to just suddenly jump to a new topic in a new paragraph without making smooth transitions between the finished paragraph and the next.

Another difference is probably my use of dashes. I started using them, after seeing them in the novels I liked. But of course, I foolishly stuck them where commas were supposed to be. Looks pretty stupid, thinking back. Now? Though I don’t know if I’m using them right, they’re there for interrupting my own thoughts or to replace the brackets that I prefer not to use.

And while the informal-ish feel of my writing will always be there, like the decrease in population of wild pandas, the length of my posts are growing shorter. But hey, they say it’s quality over quantity, right? It’s not just an excuse to slack off, it’s the content that counts…


I guess those little differences aren’t so minuscule after all, huh?

Yeah well, writing on a blog was a first for me. Heck, before September I didn’t even know what a blog was. At first writing on here was just a nuisance. It was either, “ARGH, I have to do this, I need to do that” or “‘Cause MR. MACKNIGHT said so”. Nowadays writing on here is for the sole purpose—the main one, anyway—of writing something worth reading, something fun, helpful or interesting. Even if it isn’t, I can at least say, “I tried.”

As for my strengths and weaknesses?
I dunno, you tell me.

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