Have I changed as a writer?

Writing is the ultimate reason why we read books and learn vocabularies. We can, most of time, judge English level of people by looking at their writings. I have thought that good writing should have hard vocabularies and I was busy to think where to put hard words in my writing. But, it was totally bad idea!!! Before I move up to A class, I saw my friend’s writing who’s been in English A for her whole years in SSIS. I was kind of shocked. There wasn’t not much hard words, but full of  understandable words with clear and simple structure. Most importantly, I could clearly get her idea in her writing. There, i realized that the purpose of writing is not to use hard and difficult words, but convey my idea by various styles and very clearly to others. From now on, I’m released from stress of too high level words. One more thing to add!! I became to  think deeply about given topic. Isn’t it quite big improvement and also changes as a writer?

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