How have I changed as a reader & writer?

Was I ever a good reader? I never was. If I was not in Mr.Macknight’s class and had to write independent journal, I wouldn’t have read a lot. Since my first language is Korean, not English, and even though I’m in Language A, it is hard for me to read books in English. Moreover, expression is different in English. That is why sometimes I don’t get jokes from books. Every time I don’t get what they character is saying, I asked my English speaking friends. As I learn many new stuffs from books, I began to read more and more (Some books, I didn’t write Ind. Reading journals).

However, as a writer I haven’t changed a lot. Since I never liked or enjoyed writing, it was really hard for me to write Independent Reading Journals. However, it was pain in my neck to write a journal before. I didn’t know what to write and how to write before. However, it has become easier ever since I had to write journals every time I finish a book. I developed my skills on writing. Even though it is still bad, it has definitely got better.

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