How have I changed as a reader?

I guess I haven’t changed much as a reader.

At the beginning of the year, I aimed to read more. I somehow managed to do so every now and then but bit by bit, slacked…

I would name two reasons to why I slack: 1. I am a lazy reader. 2. I seldom find the right books for myself.

Being a lazy reader, I often find excuses to not read or simply forget about it. Looking at the English grades I received for the first semester -not term-, I was determined that I should read more. The thought was nailed into my head, forcing me to read. I did, but it didn’t last long. I would often sit on the couch, book in hand, trying to read. But often not long after, my head would start bobbing and eyelids closing. I end up napping on the couch, or simply read a few pages and move on to other work. I slightly grew tired of reading, and would hesitate or walk away from it. I wiggled and struggled through a few books and soon, second semester’s report card was out. The grades were not much different from semester 1′s, only one point up. This time round’s exam was also a disappointment for me. It’s starting to make me believe that reading is important, and that being a lazy reader is no good.

But, being a lazy reader seems to relate to my choice of books. Occasionally, I would get my hands on books I like, but a lot of times, books I don’t like would appear in my hands. When I read books I don’t like, I find it boring, and unwilling to even go half through it. This slows my pace in reading. Realizing my dislike towards books often takes a while, though. When I do realize it, choosing the next book becomes a challenge too…

As everyone else is changing as a reader, I would be honest and say I didn’t. Although I didn’t, but my perspective towards reading has changed, a lot. As my perspective towards reading changes, I guess I would soon change as a reader too?

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