Have I changed as a writer? :D

  I never really liked to write, and neither was I good at it. It’s hard to use the right vocabulary, to make sure the grammar is correct, and that the finished work are smooth to read. Ever since I came here at 6th grade, grade 9 English class is definitely where I wrote the most compare to the rest. Now the school’s ending, I’m kind of glad we no longer have to write a journal entry after every independent book I’ve read, and a personal response to every topic we’ve discussed.

  Writing is a weird thing, sometimes I can sit and stare at the computer screen for hours without getting a thing, and sometimes when inspiration comes, I can finish everything in 15 minutes. Sadly, I’m usually the first case, staring at the word document opened in front of me, not knowing where to begin, and when I finally got something, I would delete it all again because I think it’s not good enough. Well, at least this is what happens at the beginning of the year, throughout the year, I think I’ve become more confident which is why now I write faster and delete less work, however I think there are still much more improvements that could be made.

  I think some of the main weaknesses of me as writer are grammar mistakes and lack of good vocabularies. Without these two, the work would sound really dry, and won’t be smooth to read, and I could never improve my writing if these two problems weren’t fixed.

  I know perfectly clear that read is the only way to solve my problems, which is why I decided to spend my summer reading as much as I could, and instead of using it for relaxation, I really need to start to pay attention to the grammar, punctuations, and good vocabularies. I hope I would work hard and that my writing could improve in the future.

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  • Dom

    You write rather much for the fact that you don’t like writing much :D (just a little side note) ;) Great post though

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