Wedges Gamble

Michael A. Stackpole

357 pages

Unfortunately the school library does not have the first book in the X-Wing series, so I must start off with the second edition, Wedge’s Gamble. Wedge is the commander of the elite fighter squadron known as rogue squad. In this book the Rogues are proceeding with the invasion of Coruscant, the Imperial capital, where warlord Zsinji is in power because of the death of the Emperor (He is still alive, but that’s in another book and another story =D). The Rebels decide it is necessary to break out some criminals because they are needed to help with the invasion, and Corran Horn (Main character-ish) must break out people that he had originally put in that jail.

Once they are free the Rogues infiltrate various areas of Coruscant and carry out their missions. However another Imperial Warlord, Ysanne Isard is creating a virus that targets all non-humans, in hopes it will overwhelm the Rebels with the need of an anti-dote once they are in control of Coruscant.

When the time came, the Rebels attack before the virus is spread, but when Coruscant falls to Rebel hands, Corran Horn takes off investigating a fleeing sheep, but crashes due to outside forces controlling his ship. Once Corran awakens, he is told he is heading to the torture facility, Lusankya.

This is an amazing book, but unfortunately has way too many names and details to write up. However if you simply head over to the Library and pick it up, it is pretty easy to follow even though it is the second book in the series. I recommend this to anyone looking for a new adventure series.

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