The Glass Palace

The Glass Palace

Amitaz Ghosh


The book “The Glass Palace” is written by Amitaz Ghosh and it presents the lives of people in Mandalay, Burma under control of British in 1885. The main character, Rajkumar, ran through the city to find a woman called Ma Cho. Even though he was an orphan, he could be able to success because of sale on wood cut down in the forests. Another main character, Dolly, was one of the princesses’ assistants, who then fell in love with Rajkumar. Some other characters also exist in this book. The collector’s headstrong wife who went across into the United states and contributed in the Indian independence movement, Uma, and a successful owner of farm, Matthew, are those characters whose sons and daughters must suffer from World War II.

This book represents British colonial policies, including the contradictions of capitalism, and the damage caused by war and the suffering of civilians, around the intellectuals, capitalists, servants and royal families.

Even though this book was very boring, because it is relevant to history and war and these are what I hate most, it teaches me a lot about the lives and history of people in Burma. I recommend it to people who want to know more about the history and WWII.

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