Journal D’un Vampyre 3

Title: Journal D’un Vampyre 3

Author: L.J Smith

Pages: 522

Shinichi is a manipulative the demon, his real appearance is the one of a fox like creature, with six tails. Famous for causing chaos in covens of young pure girls, The Shinichi has an undeterminable power, strong enough to take over the minds of others, t create a dimensional world and trap the souls of others in it, moving them around as he wishes, control their emotions and body, taking over their brain. 

I thought this was an original book, the third of a series. It was complexed and confusing, crazy and impossible. But this was such an exquisite mix that it made an explosive plot.  I really enjoyed reading it, the beginning was a bit boring, but it soon picked up speed and i flew through the book.

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