Personal Response to Names and Faces

A mango. An enticing summery flame colour, just waiting to be cut open and hungrily devoured, delicious juice ready to drip down your chin. But on the surface lies a noxious little bruise, deep black and sickeningly squishy, making the wonderful mango suddenly seem undesirable.

This mango is our mission.

Most of this project was like the rest of the mango – I was excited to get to know our victim, and I thought it was a really neat project. But then we found some potholes in our road to the finish line. They weren’t bomb craters, but they were still hard to ride around. The biggest issue was the photograph. Wu Xi Bang hates having her photo taken. She refused. We had to beg and plea and tell her why we needed it so many times before she finally, while still reluctantly, agreed.

I think the thing I most enjoyed was learning about Wu Xi Bang’s views on life. She says that, “We’re just people who live then die. It’s just like that.” I think that this is really inspiring. She never wanted to be a famous rockstar, just an adult. This is kind of amazing – I’ve had so many different dreams and ambitions throughout my childhood, but all she wanted to do was grow up. I used to think that every child has huge dreams, wants to go far places. So when she said this, it was kind of like a wakeup call for me. I know everyone’s different, but I didn’t realise how different. I mean it seems human nature to always want more. But Wu Xi Bang proved that we don’t have to want more, and that we can be completely contented with what we have. I will definitely always remember this.

I also learned simple things, like that if you are trying to take a picture of someone and you don’t want to be in the photo, you shouldn’t take it in front of a mirror. And if you have to hold a laptop that is recording sound, you probably shouldn’t just stand there. I never thought to think about things like that before. Always plowing ahead, not taking notice of the small things. Trying to improve the bigger picture, but not paying any mind to the little details.

6 comments to Personal Response to Names and Faces

  • Emma

    I love the mango analogy in the first few paragraphs. That’s the kind of thing I want to learn how to do better: think of simple, ingenious analogies that make sense and are entertaining. I especially like the way you present it, where you don’t immediately explain that you are giving an analogy, so we see “A mango.” and are intruiged as to what “a mango” has to do with everything else.

  • Jessie

    Thanks Emma!! :D

  • Shimmona

    FINALLY! The fact that you changed the garden and its weeds into a mango with bruises makes me want to crawl into a hole and cry. Maybe. :D

    Anyways, well done.

  • Jessie

    HEY! I was joking around but you had to press buttons so it really WAS deleted!!! :D haha just kidding :D kinda…. :)
    Thank you :D

  • Shimmona


    Yeah well, I can’t reaaaally remember why I was pressing buttons. Was I hitting control-Z to stop you from deleting and somehow the undo button stopped working?

    Anywaaaaaaays, accidents happen. =D

  • Dom

    Hahaha, Nice Accident :P

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