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Extras by Scott Westerfeld – 417 pages

The main character in this book is Aya Fuse. Fame-obsessed, self-centered Aya. All she ever wanted was to be noticed, to not feel invisible, like she was fading away. So Aya did what Aya thought Aya should do. One day she found the Sly Girls, so decided that using people to get what she wanted, even if it meant having to lie to their faces, betray them, and give them the last thing they want in the world, was worth it. Aya is desperate. But when she finally does get a taste of fame, she kind of wishes she didn’t have it. She’s a lying, backstabbing, self-centered traitor. Sure, she learns a lot, becomes more honest, and everything works out in the end, but still. In the book, when I finally started maybe even liking her, she would always just do something else stupid. Aya’s determined, but she doesn’t think.

This whole series is set about 300 years in the future. So odd words are used, and of course the attitude is different. Aya lives in Japan, and her city is one of the oddest out there, using the Reputation Economy. So everything is about fame. Everything is about face-rank and merits. That’s Aya’s whole world. She sees it as completely normal, while I think it’s the weirdest thing ever. So this novel is really strange to read, because the author makes everything seem so normal and average, when really it’s technology most of us have never even thought of yet. This story is written in 3rd person, but Aya is still completely the main focus.

I don’t get it. Why was this written??? I am seriously confused – I have NO idea. Only the first 2 books in this series really had to be written – the one before this was pushing it, but this… I just don’t get it. There’s no point to it! The main focus isn’t even Tally. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, though. It would have been too much of her if she was the main character AGAIN, but this just doesn’t fit into the whole series. The only thing I got from reading this was 417 pages towards my grade, and the knowledge that humans are always going to consume the world, but we have to come up with ways to over come that and not rely on the earth so much. And that we shouldn’t jump to awful conclusions about people we know nothing about. And that people are different all over the world and in some places do crazier things than in other places. And that I really want to ride a skateboard on a train. But I already knew all of this before hand!! So…. why?? The writing style and everything was okay, but once again, I think that it was just that, the suspense and the action that kept me reading. 3/10.

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