Independent Reading-The Chronicles of Narnia

Title: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Author: C. S. Lewis

Page: 766

The Chronicles of Narnia is series book, which totally have seven books. Those books have different stories but also have connects between those stories, with the gab of time of about hundreds years. It is very fit with the title, ‘the chronicles of Narnia”, in my opinion.

This book is the second one of series, the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It is the most famous story between all seven books; even the movie of this book was filmed few years ago. The story of the first book was about establishing of Narnia, which human firstly go to Narnia and found his country. That opened the gate to Narnia from real world, and the whole story was begun. After many years for that time, 4 children escape from World War II to English countryside where Professor Digory Kirke live with his housekeeper. The youngest girl, Lucy found out an old Wardrobe when they were playing hide and seek game, which is a gate toward to Narnia. She told her brother Edmund, the next youngest, about Narnia however he is mean to Lucy and did not trust her. Several days later when Edmund hide in Wardrobe this time, he also goes to Narnia through the Wardrobe. The reason why they can go to Narnia only through this Wardrobe is because this Wardrobe was made with the first tree grown in Narnia, when the first man that established Narnia.

In Narnia, they had faced to many danger and difficulties during the war with White Witch. When they prepare the war, they got help from all creatures in Narnia that be oppressed by Witch for many years. They also got help from Aslan, the great lion who is the true king of Narnia. In the final battle, they got victory and became kings and queens of Narnia for 15years. However, they recognized that they have to go back to their real world, and came back to their world through the Wardrobe again. After they came out of the Wardrobe, they turned into children again and tell the Professor about whole their story.

My favorite part was when Lucy lastly jump out of the Wardrobe, she turn back to see Narnia, but there are only old Wardrobe in front of her. However, a fresh green leave was fallen on the bottom of the Wardrobe. I think that part told readers that they could, and they would go back to Narnia someday.

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