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From this project, I learned many new things; how to be organized when working together with people that usually have different opinions to you, how to create many appropriate while interesting interview questions, how to find out whom to ask and at a correct place and time, how to be confident and friendly when meeting a completely new person face to face, how to come up with suitable follow on questions when appropriate, how to translate what the client reply from Chinese to English in best quality, how to support teammates with the piece of writing and last but not least, how can we reflect from what the client reply towards our environment we live in.

When we were first introduced to this project, my main role was quickly decided between our group members, which is to interview and write the transcript due to the fact that I was the best Chinese speaker and Chinese writer among the three of us and with a good amount of literature base in English. With the help of Kevin, the step of creating interview questions was relatively easier than any others as I can ask any further questions in more depth when interviewing.

Picking who we are going to interview did take a long time, at first we decide to interview the big guy in the All Around section of the canteen, however this idea change at last minute because of the multiple risk that we will have to take if he has any emotional conflicts with us, therefore we decide to interview whoever we see because we are very short in time, at first we went to the women at the uniform department, but she say that she has already been interviewed by another group of people, so we immediately change our target to the guard walking around at the entrance of the foyer but she instantly refuse us and we were forced to change another target, and at last we saw a women reading a newspaper in the photocopying room, and there she is, our client.

Many things deeply moved me through this project, and most of them came from the process of interviewing her, Ms. Sun.

After knocking the door, she gave us a friendly smile as we walk into the room, I was a bit nervous when I have nothing to say because Kevin was still setting up the video recorder, when I first speak up I notice that it wasn’t as easy as expected (Chonghao quickly ran out of the door, Lol), I quickly go through all of the questions without even saying any other word, afterwards we say bye and left the room. When we got back to the classroom, we found out that we didn’t gather enough information and that we had to do another interview, but this time we were all fully prepared with some new interesting question that can be asked further in depth.

This time I was much confident because we already know each other (again, Chonghao ran out of the door faster than before when Kevin started recording), this interview was very successful and we gathered more information than we actually need, also we get to know how people treat her and we were very disappointed. I believe this apply to any other workers in the school, we go by them ignorantly everyday, and have any of us think about their feeling before doing this project, I guess no.

Ms. Sun said that the student in SSIS (Suzhou Singapore International School) specifically, should be more friendly and to respect each other, especially to people we don’t know much about, she also said that people nowadays are very indifferent and unfamiliar to each other, not like the old days and in the old local school she worked in. Therefore, after this project everybody should learn to say hi or at least smile at one at times appropriate.

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  • Diana Lee

    Nicely written, and lol my group interviewed the ayi at the uniform department :P

  • Lifan

    Replying to post (Since Chonghao kept on changing my comment on there, how sad):

    What is this, revenge? Just because I said that you ran out of the door twice? With the fact that the two cases of you running out of the door is true and that it is not true that I am a straight person with no use of manner. You can change anything else you want but you can’t change the absolute truth, I can’t believe that you hadn’t understand this.

  • Kevin

    hi Lifan

  • Lifan

    Hey Kevin! Do you feel better today?

  • J.J. :)

    HAHAHAHH you guys were scared at first xD And chonghao ran out HAHAHAHAAAAA

  • nicolas

    Very well written! but next time try to summarize a little! i kept track while reading and skipped 2 lines down. But still good job! keep up the good work!

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