Title: Pretties

Author: Scott Westerfeld 

Pages: 370

Tally has finally become pretty, but it was the only way for the others to see if their cure against the brain lesions worked. Tally is now bubbly all day long, with this innocence that only pretties have. She goes to parties and her only worry is what to wear! But when her mind is icy form adrenaline rushes, Tally can finally see. It’s the only moment her mind is clear and she can finally remember everything that happened to her. She cures herself and erased the lesions that where made during the operation.  

Scott Westerfeld writes these amazing novels about the struggle human faced. It’s about how we were controlled after destroying our planet, how we were kept under maintenance for starting wars and conflicts. in a way it worked, everyone that went through the operation was no longer able to think for themselves. this universe the author creates is about we become. It’s amazing to be surrounded by the author’s visions, and we can all relate to the fight and rebellion some of the uglies, who learn what is happening, feel.

I really like these series, they are well written, in my opinion. “In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly”. That is what happens through the book and when we think about it, it is also happening in the present, where specific criteria for beauty are followed.

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