Love poetry personal response.

I never thought love poetry could be so confusing and complicated. Some poems just sound so desperate and hopeless. Reading the whole booklet of love poems, there was one of them that caught my eye; “Song” by Edmund Waller.
This poem talks about how this man talks to a rose which is the symbol of beauty, and tells her to go tell his lover that she should show her beauty to the world, because her beauty is worthless if nobody ever sees it.
At the end of the poem, the man tells the rose to die, to show him that nothing lasts forever.
I think this poem is very nice, it tells the readers that nothing lasts forever, and i think the poet made a really good point when he said that beauty is worthless if nobody sees it.

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  • Lia

    I think you’re right. I think that it was a good guess, and maybe truth, to what the poem is actually about. I like when you said “The man tells the rose to die, to show him that nothing lasts forever.” It’s a very descriptive sentence to show what you know about the poem. I really agree with you!!

  • Jessica

    I agree with what you said that “love poetry could be so confusing and complicated.” I really think that it is complicated because in love poetry authors usually use an object to represent something that is going on in the real world. I liked how you “decoded” what the love poem about the rose is about, I think that it is what the author really meant!

  • Lauren

    This a great response and some very deep thinking. I think this message is very true that beauty is useless if no one sees it. An example of this would be if your a fantastic artist but if you are to shy to exhibit your work in public it’s useless because no one will get to enjoy it. This is also why we long for beauty because others will enjoy it and praise us. Also that nothing lasts forever like the beauty of the rose or any rose or beautiful thing, it eventually will die or wear away. I also think it means that since the rose represents beauty and it wilts that beauty also doesn’t last forever.

    Great point of view!,

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