Why Can't Guys be Gay instead?!?!

We just got the sheet fill of Love poetry, I thought it will be endless lessons of cheesy love (unreal and fake love).

Most of the love poetry are about men pressurizing women to make love due to “time”, but the men always ended leaving the women for others, while the women just ended up committing suicide, which I really hate it, because those types people are just too desperate ==”". With Mr Macknight explaining the whole idea of men hating women and being sexist and having a word for it, why would men be gay instead if they really hate them???? (no offense), because not most of the women don’t make all the mistakes and yet who made the idea of men being the most powerful over men, cause women can be also be strong as well.

With the whole explanation from Mr Macknight about the some love stories from ancient times, which I find them quite interesting and curious about. The one poem I really love the most is the one from e.e cummings because I like that that is unique and very fun without the whole clique “idea”, especially the ones from the women wrote because it tells the whole love story from another point of view.

What I really learn from the love poetry is the fact that it’s better see from other points of view and listen to others. because it’s not a story unless it comes from all points of view

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