Love Poetry

Love, along with every other positive emotion, is all a lie. Love is often thought of as the ‘good’ emotion, the motive of heroes, but is it really? In order to love, one must first learn to trust. When one starts to trust, he or she is essentially inviting an attack on himself or herself. Trust makes you weak. If trust makes you weak, and trust is needed for love, we can conclude that love makes you even weaker, as love is the ultimate form of trust.

When two people are in ‘love’, they form a ‘special and eternal’ relationship. However, these relationships never last; no, they always end in one party suffering from heartbreak, the punishment for those foolish enough to love. In my opinion, love, along with every other emotion that makes you ‘happy’, is all a product of our wishful imaginations. These emotions are designed to give you false hope in an otherwise bleak and hopeless world, and only serve the purpose of making you weak and vulnerable.

Following my logic, we end up with the conclusion that love is designed for those foolish and shortsighted. Thus, we can say that those who waste time writing love poetry are only misguided fools, who live in their world of denial and can’t face the world as it really is.

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5 comments to Love Poetry

  • Mr. MacKnight

    Ah, Chong Hao, wouldn’t life be simple if that were true!

    Be sure to keep a copy of this and re-read it every ten years. :)

  • a s h l e y :]

    Come on Chonghao have a little faith in the world.~
    Cheer up~!

  • Katie

    Chong Hao Goh,
    While I agree that most teens break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and that love usually doesn’t last for long, if everyone avoided love, then no one would come into being. If my parents didn’t fall in love, I wouldn’t be writing this comment right now!


  • Belle

    Haha, I agree with Katie. Life would be too boring without love, it would be too simple.

  • Dom

    Chong Hao, just because you never loved anything besides your computer and your virtual life, doesn’t mean love is a life :D Love exits in MANY ways :)

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