Love Poetry

Love, can be expressed in various ways.

We have come to learn the way to express love through words.

Words are considered a way to communicate with other people; without having to speak it. But, it also fully represents the writer’s feelings and personality. One uses direct words to say how much he loves her; one uses indirect phrases to praise her; another ‘sends’ a rose to remind her that her beauty is short and they better get together quickly. Of course, other styles and differences are countless to name; but I enjoyed reading the poems.

During the reading and studying, I was led into the writer’s most private part of their mind and feeling; starting each poem seemed like revealing a surprise. Every writer had such different perspectives, ways to face and treat love. This fascinated me. I used to think reading poetry is boring and the words are ever so stiff and cold; but after this time’s study and experience, I guess it changed my attitude towards poetry. It may only be a few words, but all the content is compressed and fit into the few letters. I’ve written poetry in class and during my own time, so I can understand the challenge to do so.

Overall, I guess poetry may still be hard to interpret and challenging to write, but it is a format of art and expression, therefore I appreciate it.

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7 comments to Love Poetry

  • Hyun Seung

    Nice post Cinthy, I like your last sentence.

  • Oh, that was great! You’re right about how each writer has a different perspective. I know this from personal experience. I loved the way you incorporated how each writer has a different method. That was really good!

  • Todd

    So true, it is hard to interpret poems. good job. =P

  • Dom

    Yea, i agree with your last sentence. Poems are an art in themselves :)

  • J.J. :)

    True Dat Todd xD maybe this is why so many people hate poetry :P way to confusing at times! Anyways good job cinthy!

  • Lifan

    I’m wondering how are confusing poems correctly explained or translated into words that we understand and accept. Overall, nice post, and I also agree with your last sentence!

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