Love=Math Why? because I like Math

This was my first time reading poetry about Loovvveee in English class. I thought reading Looovvveee poetry would be very boring because I don’t like romantic things. However, it was actually better than reading books about Loovvveee. I think it was because they are short and have rhythms when we read.

To add, when I read the poem outside the school, I don’t read it very carefully. I just look for what it is trying to tell me, and then I just throw away the poem. However, during English class, I started to find out the differences between the two poetry, even though, they have the same topic. For example, I look for different rhymes, rhythms, length of lines and etcetera. Soon, I discovered the poetry could be an interesting written resource, if we read more carefully.

My best poem was ‘Separation’ by W.S. MERWIN (1927- ). Why? Because it has only three lines, which was very interesting. However, from this short poem, we can know it is about Looovvveee by how poet wrote. To conclude, I am still not really interested in the Loovvveee poetry, may be Maaattttthhhh poetry can be a good topic to ME!!!!!!


Math Love Poems from

‘A fraction of my love to great to ever measure,

Every moment counts, adding memories to treasure.

The sum total of our assets show a wealth of poverty,

Decreasing not our lovestruck bliss there for all to see.

Love a common denominator when issues divide,

If all we had to eat was a bit of humble PI.

I would value every bit ,you’re the reason why,

Multiply the highest number, decimals do not miss,

Thats how long I’ll love you, as equals we exist…’

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