Love Poetry

I studied some poems before but not about love. I studied poetry based on nature, life, etc. So, I never expect that love poetry can mean something deeply. I learned more about Love poetry, how they sound, and how should it be written.

I learned that it is different if you are in love, people who have written the love poetry has discovered something from love. They write poetry to express their emotions through writing. People who have fallen in love know’s how it feels to be in love, so they write poems to keep the memories and to show the people how they feel about it. 

Some love poetry I disagree, this is because, most of the poetry says girls are always the one who breaks the heart of the guys, girls who always hurt their feelings, that is why guys that would do anything for the girls or  afraid to be heart broken or lose their lovers. Well I disagree, even though in middle ages girls might be the one who breaks the guys heart, but also, guys breaks the girls heart. It is not always the guys, girls can also get hurt easily. Both, girls and guys get hurt, its not only the guys.

I learned a lot from love poetry, it helped me understand more about love. It also helped me how to identify some patterns on making poetry and understand them easily. What I learn the most is, if you make a very short poetry, like 3 lines, you could expect and think a lot of things about it, it makes the reader confuse, it could mean a lot of things. So if you wanna express something, or write about something, make it longer. :P

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4 comments to Love Poetry

  • Marie

    Very nice post !!:)!! And i agree with you, the girls aren’t the only heartbreakers!!

  • Belle

    Haha… thanks Marie!!! :)

  • Dom

    Actually i agree more with the poems :D
    Girls usually break boys hearts, and always playing hard to get, etc. Girls are way too confusing :P AND it’s obvious that boys do (nearly) everything for girls :D That’s how we roll!!!

  • Nikola

    I SO AGREE WITH Dom!! Girls always get in our heads.

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