Portia's Speech

A lot of people says Portia’s speech is much easier to memorize since its short, and I agree. It’s not that I chose Portia’s speech since its short and easy to memorize but I like how Portia acting like a guy being really smart. Performing in front of the class is a difficult thing, and what i amazed the most about Portia is, first, she is acting like a guy and she isn’t embarrassed, secondly when you preform in front of a lot of people you should be at least nervous, but Portia wasn’t, she was really relaxed and confident. The most difficult thing was performing in front of a lot people looking at you listening at you, it makes you forget the lines, you know its in the back of your head, but because of people staring you just can’t remember or say it because a lot of other things are going on inside of your head. That is what I learned, performing in theater’s I don’t think I can do, memorizing is easy but acting isn’t. I like Portia’s speech because it is very smart within every single lines. Before I memorize the speech and act it out, I read through the speech first, then I realize the speech is very good, interesting and by every line is very smart that it means something. For me, I think hearing is the best thing that makes me learn more about the situation, because you can understand and know what’s the person’s emotions. Reading and memorizing does not really help me that much because you can think of a lot of certain ideas on what is going on, the person could be saying the speech happily, sadly, madly, etc. you would be expecting a lot of things, but rather than hearing, you will have the idea of what is going on and the emotions all around.

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  • I never thought Portia’s speech was easier to memorize than Shylock’s!! but for sure many did. lol

  • Belle

    hahah yupp,i think its because shylock’s speech has many breaks.

  • Nikola

    Oh really!!! I always thought that Shylock speech is easier just longer then Portia’s speech.

  • Diana Lee

    Well, Portia’s speech is certainly shorter (might be the reason why loads of people choses to performed that XD), but Shylock’s speech has more rhyming and pattern in it, which does makes it easy. Also, in each paragraphs, the lines are the same except for a few words.

  • Belle

    Yeah thats what I meant, as what Diana just said. Portia’s is shorter and Shylock’s is longer but some people thinks its easier because of the rhyming lines.

  • Hyun Seung

    I also agree with Diana

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