The Subtle Knife

Philip Pullman

352 pages

The Subtle Knife is the second book in the series “His Dark Materials”, following the events of the Golden Compass, Lyra makes her way to another world or for all she knew “The city of lights”. This new world is haunted by specters that eat the souls of adults, but leave children be. Because of this, Lyra finds herself roaming the adult-less world in search of her father. She meets up with a boy named Will who had found a portal, similar to the one Lyra had used, and had come through to this new world. However instead of coming from Lyra’s world, he had come from a 20th century version of our earth. Together they set of to find their fathers, on the way Will acquires a knife (hence the title) that is capable of scaring away the adult eating specters, and making portals to other worlds.

Philip Pullman once again drags you into the mysterious journy of Lyra and her new friend Will. With Lyra still chasing after what she originally had set out for and with Will searching for his own goals, it becomes difficult for them to decide on where to go, or what to do. Philip Pullman does a great job of keeping them on the edge until something happens that should bring them together again.

I loved reading this book, this is the second time I have read it and it still hasn’t gotten old. You will not find another book like this anywhere else (not including the others in the series). Its story completely sucks you in and doesnt let you go until it is done, or you are too exhausted to keep your eyes open. Be prepared for many nights without sleep if you pick up this one. I highly recommend that you read the Golden Compass first though.

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